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    Tag: wendy williams show

    [watch] Wendy Williams Gives Me Shoutout #2 on Her After Show.

    As a token of my appreciation for having me on her show last week, I sent Wendy Williams a little something to say “thank you.” See her reaction on the Wendy After Show @ 6:52 below!

    [WATCH] Shoutout from Wendy Williams on the After Show.

    Thanks for the shoutout @ 12:45 on the After Show, Wendy Williams!

    How You Doin’!? Dishing Celebrity Buzz with Wendy Williams.

    I’ve been in snowy NYC the past few days, a trip that culminated with doing an Inside Scoop segment on The Wendy Williams Show today, where I had such a fun time dishing with Wendy on the latest celebrity buzz. I interviewed Wendy when I was hosting on TVGN’s Hollywood 411, but Wendy said it […]