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    Bachelor Live Wedding, Twitter Hearts Savannah Guthrie, More on “Daytime in No Time.”

    the pope says pipe down. i think i will.

    When the Pope tells you to pipe down and listen for a change, it’s hard to ignore. In his message for World Communications Day released yesterday, he noted that in this age of social media and online connectivity, all too often we are talking instead of listening, being thrown information instead of becoming engaged with […]

    the american dream 2.0.

    “Audreylicious,” the reality show not coming to a network near you… yet? I watched a Nightline special recently about the pitfalls and perils of young fame. In it, one of the interviewees mentioned that the new “American dream” is to become famous and have your own reality show. This stuck with me for various reasons […]

    what the other talent shows can learn from “the voice.”

    Tonight, I successfully avoiding OD’ing on the press room hummus and finished covering the finale of NBC’s The Voice, the summer’s breakout singing competition hit. Father of two Javier Colon took home the top prize, narrowly beating out doe-eyed indie darling Dia Frampton by a mere 2% in voting. After having been on the Voice […]