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    [WATCH] My latest interviews for Young Hollywood.

    Check out the celebs who have joined me on the Young Hollywood couch lately, including Emmy winner Regina King, who revealed the moment she found out she was even nominated and plays an especially hilarious game of “Make-out, Marry, Kill” with me; Emily Mortimer who shaded her “Doll and Em” guest star and former co-star, […]

    Why I’m Ready to Be Disappointed by HBO’s “The Leftovers.”

    I remember it like it was last night – when the residents (unintended squatters?) of the mysterious, time-bending tropical island sat in church pews and looked straight ahead, forward into the white light, thus wrapping up seven seasons of an epic sci-fi drama with a sloppily-tied bow. Actually, make that a taped-on bow, one you […]

    [WATCH] Tricia Helfer Talks Cylons vs. Rangers, Hat Etiquette.

    Tricia Helfer sat down recently with me in the Young Hollywood den to talk about her new network show, being the “female Chuck Norris,” the merits of Cylons vs. Rangers.

    hey! i’m in audrey magazine’s june issue.

    I recently wrote a column about make-up contouring for TV for Audrey Magazine‘s June issue. Contrary to popular belief, not every reporter has a wardrobe stylist and designated hair/make-up guru making sure every eyebrow hair is in place, so I’m excited to share the tips I’ve gleaned from self-styling and doing my own face/hair with […]

    Happy Links Friday.

    5 Web Comedies to Watch in 2012. What, no love for Dicki?! Could small breasts be making a comeback? The case for natural knockers by one of my favorite fashion commentators/insiders. I could really watch this all day and be happy. I have too many “favorite” Ron Swanson moments (the resident curmudgeon Libertarian on the […]

    happy links friday.

    Leave it to Courtney Stodden and her husband to really bring the holiday cheer. And I thought my dancing elf video was festive. [NSFA – Not Safe for Anyone] And then clear your brain passages with a Puppy Christmas. Puppies! Christmas! Cute overload! YouTube’s Most Viewed of 2011. I’m always so thoroughly impressed by Karmin’s […]

    ‘american horror story’: my new ‘lost.’

    If American Horror Story on FX makes you uncomfortable, you aren’t the only one: the show premiered last month with the highest numbers ever for the Fox-owned cable outlet. And I’m one in the legion of fans who’ve become mildly obsessed with the twisted, mind-bending story about a newly transplanted family, their haunted/cursed Los Angeles […]