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    Art of the present.

    Last week, I graduated from a master’s program that has, more or less, taken up the majority of my life over the past nine-and-a-half months or so. A lot can happen in nine months; a lot can not happen in nine months. It was the latter that motivated me to consider pursuing my Master of Arts degree in […]

    Sit Down and Play.

    Last Friday night, I along with fans and gamers from around the world packed into – and I mean packed – the Staples Center to watch the League of Legends World Championship. While I don’t cover the video game world much anymore, I still can enjoy being immersed in the gamer world, this time appreciating […]

    Alana Blanchard’s Web Series is Awesome and I’m Obsessed.

    How did it take me this long to start watching this? Lady pro surfer/Sports Illustrated model Alana Blanchard kicked off the the second season of her web series, “Alana: Surfer Girl,” last month on action sports network, Network A. Each webisode is like a visual mini-vacation to world-class surfing spots and the kind of wave-riding […]

    happy links friday.

    Whether you like it or not (ahem, Alan Moore), the Watchmen prequel is a reality. And decidedly sans the blessing of Alan Moore. This week, DC released the cover art of one of the seven prequel miniseries, Before Watchmen, which features Ozymandias meditating/levitating. News of the prequel is sparking those age-old debates about fidelity to […]

    happy link friday.

    Only one link this week: Surfline. If you’ve noticed some empty cubicles at work and heavy traffic headed towards the beach, you can thank the epic swell working its way along the Southern California coast. I braved the crowds today and earlier this week, chasing waves after religiously checking surf reports on Surfline. I’m no […]

    happy links friday.

    Since my brief working vacation in Hawaii (see my twitterfeed for select snaps!), I’ve traded in surfing on a pink funboard rental for surfing the web. Stretch out your index finger; here are some gems I think are worth checking out. The most played game of this year may or may not be the game […]

    “white wash” official trailer looks moving, sounds awesome.

    Another surf-related video for you all this morning: Sal Masekela (ESPN host and cool dude I used to pass in the hallways at E!) just tweeted a link to the official “White Wash” movie trailer. As described on the film’s website, ” ‘White Wash’ [is] a film exploring the complexity of race in America through […]