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    Tag: surfing

    VIDEO: Shane Harper is a shower singer.

    Ahead of being on Fox’s “The Passion Live,” Shane Harper stopped by the Young Hollywood studio to talk about surfing, Phil Collins and shower singing.

    On consuming and creating.

    In the words of Borat, “Wah wah wee wah.” If you know me, I only save Borat voice for very special occasions. Hi friends, readers, people who randomly Googled me and found this website. It’s been a minute. I would use that terribly Hollywood “I’m so buuuuuuusy” excuse to explain why I have been away lately, but, […]

    Hello, 2016! Here’s my latest.

    Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the weather (El Nino, what’s up?), but I find that I don’t tackle the beginnings of the year anymore as much as I just ease into them. And helping me do that in 2016 are my latest segments for Young Hollywood and byline for espnW, the latter of which I […]

    WATCH and LAUGH with “Jane the Virgin’s” Yael Grobglas and me.

    The world is a sad, depressing place as of late. I hope this brings you joy.

    120 Hours on the North Shore

    Had to delay posting this until this morning. Enjoy. *** I’m writing this from my gate at the Montreal airport where I’m waiting on a flight back to LA, delayed most likely due to weather. It’s cold here for a California girl – like, snow-blanketing-tree-branches cold. Like I-bought-snow-boots-for-the-first-time cold (and thank God I did!). My blood’s […]

    Earth Day Inspo.

    In elementary school, every year on Earth Day one of the 6th grade teachers – we’ll call her “Mrs. H” – would bring out her acoustic guitar, don a t-shirt with a cartoon planet Earth on it and lead an assembly of grade schoolers in singing John Denver’s “Earth Day Every Day.” Looking back, it […]

    Alana Blanchard’s Web Series is Awesome and I’m Obsessed.

    How did it take me this long to start watching this? Lady pro surfer/Sports Illustrated model Alana Blanchard kicked off the the second season of her web series, “Alana: Surfer Girl,” last month on action sports network, Network A. Each webisode is like a visual mini-vacation to world-class surfing spots and the kind of wave-riding […]