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    VIDEO: Shane Harper is a shower singer.

    Ahead of being on Fox’s “The Passion Live,” Shane Harper stopped by the Young Hollywood studio to talk about surfing, Phil Collins and shower singing.

    120 Hours on the North Shore

    Had to delay posting this until this morning. Enjoy. *** I’m writing this from my gate at the Montreal airport where I’m waiting on a flight back to LA, delayed most likely due to weather. It’s cold here for a California girl – like, snow-blanketing-tree-branches cold. Like I-bought-snow-boots-for-the-first-time cold (and thank God I did!). My blood’s […]


    Above: The official trailer for “Surfwise” (2007).  Last Monday, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, the patriarch of the so-called “First Family of Surfing,” died in Newport Beach, Ca. due to complications from a femur injury. He was 93. In the pantheon of quirky characters in surfing, surely Doc earned his place. A Stanford-trained doctor, he gave up a […]