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    Tag: reality tv

    read, watch, play.

    Pilot season is coming to a close, some of the most dynamic cable shows are just starting up again, a little movie called The Hunger Games came out and Rihanna probably just changed her hair color 3 times in the time it took for you to read this sentence The pop culture world is buzzing […]

    the american dream 2.0.

    “Audreylicious,” the reality show not coming to a network near you… yet? I watched a Nightline special recently about the pitfalls and perils of young fame. In it, one of the interviewees mentioned that the new “American dream” is to become famous and have your own reality show. This stuck with me for various reasons […]

    is this happening yet?

    Here’s the intro to the sizzle reel of the much-buzzed about K-Town Reality TV Show. And, no, I’m not posting this as an April Fool’s joke.