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    Tag: prometheus

    Why I’m Ready to Be Disappointed by HBO’s “The Leftovers.”

    I remember it like it was last night – when the residents (unintended squatters?) of the mysterious, time-bending tropical island sat in church pews and looked straight ahead, forward into the white light, thus wrapping up seven seasons of an epic sci-fi drama with a sloppily-tied bow. Actually, make that a taped-on bow, one you […]

    oscars 2013: the good, the best, the rest.

    They laughed, they cried, they got really uncomfortable about Ted’s jokes. Last night’s Oscars ceremony was, perhaps, one of the more memorable ones in recent years and Seth MacFarlane surely one of the most polarizing hosts to take the stage. Here’s the thing about being the Oscars host: it’s not a job you can ever […]