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    Tag: OK Go

    On consuming and creating.

    In the words of Borat, “Wah wah wee wah.” If you know me, I only save Borat voice¬†for very special¬†occasions. Hi friends, readers, people who randomly Googled me and found this website. It’s been a minute. I would use that terribly Hollywood “I’m so buuuuuuusy” excuse to explain why I have been away lately, but, […]

    [WATCH] John Legend’s New Music Video Made Me Uglycry.

    One of my favorite pop culture finds from the past week has to be John Legend’s music video for his new ballad, “You & I (Nobody In the World).” I daresay the era of the music video is more or less over. With the exception of pretty much anything OK Go puts out, videos are […]