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    Why I’m giving my morning routine makeover.

    It happens without fail every morning, whether it’s during the week or on the weekend: my alarm has gone off. I instinctively and automatically reach for my phone to shut it off (or press snooze, let’s be honest here) and then whether I doze back to sleep or not, I will almost always do a routine […]

    “Serial” and the dubious nature of everything

    Like millions of others, I devoured “This American Life’s” spinoff podcast “Serial,” which debuted last October and still holds a #1 spot on iTunes. And I mostly loved the part-true crime, part-reporter’s notebook series. Mostly. The show’s popularity has made it something of a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring memes, endless Reddit threads and even a spot-on “SNL” parody. […]

    Earth Day Inspo.

    In elementary school, every year on Earth Day one of the 6th grade teachers – we’ll call her “Mrs. H” – would bring out her acoustic guitar, don a t-shirt with a cartoon planet Earth on it and lead an assembly of grade schoolers in singing John Denver’s “Earth Day Every Day.” Looking back, it […]

    happy links friday.

    You may have already gleaned some of these from my Facebook page but here are a couple of links that kept me clicking this week. Not everyone is a fan of HBO’s Girls. If you’re a TV superfan such as myself, you have probably heard all the buzz surrounding the new Judd Apatow-produced series Girls […]

    the pope says pipe down. i think i will.

    When the Pope tells you to pipe down and listen for a change, it’s hard to ignore. In his message for World Communications Day released yesterday, he noted that in this age of social media and online connectivity, all too often we are talking instead of listening, being thrown information instead of becoming engaged with […]

    happy links friday the 13th.

    Quite possibly the most underrated yet most essential piece of tech showcased at CES 2012… is this next-level toilet. Unfortunately, it also reminds me how tech-backwards we are here in America: These are pretty much standard in public restrooms in Tokyo. An alarm clock for news junkies. Specifically, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me fans. Mass […]