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    Tag: MTV

    [WATCH] My latest segments on Young Hollywood, now on Apple TV!

    My favorite part about my job is being able to meet the people I do: some are celebrities and bonafide stars, while others are on the very edge of entering celeb-hood. T-Pain, Teyana Taylor and Frankie Grande – judges on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew: Road to the VMAs” – are members of the former category, but the subjects of […]

    into the (death) valley.

    The bloody gem of my friend Spider One’s brain, “Death Valley,” made its cable debut on MTV last night and I’m beyond stoked for him and horror fans alike. I know that he’s been working SUPER hard on this for quite some time, and I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment/awesomeness he must be […]

    adele performs on mtv video music awards and breaks hearts.

    I have many a fond memory of taping the MTV Video Music Awards on VHS – the predecessor to DVR and video on demand and TV on the web, for you young bucks. But since all the latter is real now, you can enjoy Adele’s heartbreaking performance of “Someone Like U” last night. If you […]

    all geek to me: looking back on comic-con 2011.

    I think it’s safe to say I’ve now effectively recovered from Comic-Con 2011. This year was my third in a row covering the Con and, as always, it was a frenzy of press lines, Mario Vaders, soft pretzels and the occasional fancy sushi at Nobu (because it’s close to the convention center and I heard […]

    the sisters of 'sorority row.'

    [brightcove vid=30631382001&exp=14854750001&lbu=] Not gonna lie: was totes excited to meet Audrina. Stop judging me.