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    Tag: millennials

    “I Am Job.” Maybe Not if You’re a Millennial.

    One of my favorite scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire is when Robin Williams, in his scheme to see his children on a regular basis as a cross-dressed nanny, “calls” in response to his ex-wife’s ad for help posing as potential applicants. In one, he simply says “I am job.” I’m reminded of this only because if […]

    review: ‘is everyone hanging out without me?’ by mindy kaling.

    There are some people in Hollywood whom you automatically feel are kindred spirits, like a spirit animal of sorts but, well, human. Ever since the Diwali episode of The Office, I’ve felt that way about writer/actor/comedienne – oh and SHOWRUNNER – Mindy Kaling. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to buy¬† – er, download – her book, […]