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    Tag: Halloween

    halloween hilarity.

    Derek Mears | Friday the 13th | Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review Hollywood Dailies | Hocus Pocus | The Wizard of Oz | The Blair Witch Project | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince | Harry Potter […]

    it’s a zombie monday!

    A couple of zombie/undead-themed segments for you to enjoy this Monday. Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review Resident Evil: Retribution | Michelle Rodriguez | Boris Kodjoe | Milla Jovovich | Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review

    isaac clarke: pro pumpkin-carver.

    A very timely trailer from the folks at EA showcasing Isaac Clarke’s expert pumpkin-carving skills. Dead Space 2 is coming out on my birthday. Coincidence? I think not. Happy Halloween!

    “saw: the musical.” let’s make it happen.

    Jigsaw is back for his final game. But the real question is after the movies end, when do the jazz hands – um, stumps – begin?

    “house, not m.d.”

    When I first saw the trailer for ’70s J-horror comedy (??), House (Hausu), I could only think about how a) oddly unsettling yet campy it is, and b) I’ve had fever-induced nightmares that make more sense than this. Of course, now I have to watch it. Get a sense of the twisted that could only […]