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    Tag: ESPN

    Am I cut out for CrossFit? Probably not and here’s why

    A previous version of this blog post erroneously suggested that “The OC Throwdown” is a CrossFit-sanctioned event and pre-cursor to the CrossFit Games. It is not a CrossFit-sanctioned event. However, outlets including ESPN describe Ogar’s injury as the result of training for the CrossFit Games. Above video: A clip from HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” season 1 that […]

    the most offensive moment from last night’s oscars.

    The most offensive moment of last night’s 84th Academy Awards wasn’t J-Lo’s alleged nip slip or Jim Rash’s hilarious Angelina Jolie-inspired stage stance or even that we didn’t get to hear Bret McKenzie’s winning Muppets song, but came right after a beautiful hot mess of an acceptance speech. After Octavia Spencer fumbled her way through […]

    “white wash” official trailer looks moving, sounds awesome.

    Another surf-related video for you all this morning: Sal Masekela (ESPN host and cool dude I used to pass in the hallways at E!) just tweeted a link to the official “White Wash” movie trailer. As described on the film’s website, ” ‘White Wash’ [is] a film exploring the complexity of race in America through […]