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    [WATCH] Latest Segments on Popsugar Now and Young Hollywood.

    I’ve been keeping busy, and just in case you haven’t been able to keep up, here are some of my latest segments discussing the latest entertainment headlines on Popsugar Now and my celeb interview with Daniel Gillies, “Elijah” from the CW’s The Originals, for Young Hollywood. Enjoy!

    Chicken? Egg? Pop Culture Can Be A Frustrating Scramble for Minorities.

    Last week, I linked to this article about reinventing yourself as reflected on by someone who’s done it multiple times. Part of the process includes learning from mentors every day, “mentors” meaning people but also text, film, and TV shows among other content platforms. Personally, I enjoy pressing play on the occasional podcast, especially ones […]

    happy links friday.

    Whether you like it or not (ahem, Alan Moore), the Watchmen prequel is a reality. And decidedly sans the blessing of Alan Moore. This week, DC released the cover art of one of the seven prequel miniseries, Before Watchmen, which features Ozymandias meditating/levitating. News of the prequel is sparking those age-old debates about fidelity to […]

    ‘akira,’ ‘2 broke girls’ and re-framing the hollywood race debate.

    Fanboys and fangirls either fist-pumped with joy or slumped down in disappointment at the news that the live-action American adaptation of manga series Akira has been put on hold once again, this time reportedly because of budget concerns. The movie’s been in the proverbial pipeline for years now with a number of big stars tied […]