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    Tag: comedy

    the most offensive moment from last night’s oscars.

    The most offensive moment of last night’s 84th Academy Awards wasn’t J-Lo’s alleged nip slip or Jim Rash’s hilarious Angelina Jolie-inspired stage stance or even that we didn’t get to hear Bret McKenzie’s winning Muppets song, but came right after a beautiful hot mess of an acceptance speech. After Octavia Spencer fumbled her way through […]

    Happy Links Friday.

    5 Web Comedies to Watch in 2012. What, no love for Dicki?! Could small breasts be making a comeback? The case for natural knockers by one of my favorite fashion commentators/insiders. I could really watch this all day and be happy. I have too many “favorite” Ron Swanson moments (the resident curmudgeon Libertarian on the […]

    everyone should watch ‘dicki.’*

    Is TV obsolete? I’ve always said “no” mostly because I want my MTV. I also want my Comedy Central, FX, AMC and other assorted basic cable networks and I want them in front of me on my flatscreen and not just the flat screen in front of me right at this moment (the one on […]