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    Tag: academy awards

    It’s time to change the conversation about race and the Oscars

    Early this morning, the 2015 Oscar nominations came out, revealing that Hollywood is still very much a monochromatic playground. Nods for Best Actor? All white. Best Actress? All white. Supporting Actress and Actor? White white white white white. Two exceptions in the major categories: a Best Picture nod for the Martin Luther King, Jr. drama, “Selma,” […]

    oscars 2013: the good, the best, the rest.

    They laughed, they cried, they got really uncomfortable about Ted’s jokes. Last night’s Oscars ceremony was, perhaps, one of the more memorable ones in recent years and Seth MacFarlane surely one of the most polarizing hosts to take the stage. Here’s the thing about being the Oscars host: it’s not a job you can ever […]

    a tribute to movie mustaches and chatting oscar buzz (and in flemish!) with matthias schoenaerts of “rust and bone.”

    Hollywood Dailies | Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy | Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan | X-Men Origins: Wolverine | Inglourious Basterds | Brad Pitt | Hugh Jackman | Sacha Baron Cohen | Salma Hayek | Will Ferrell | Samuel L. Jackson | Daniel Day-Lewis | Movie Trailer […]

    the most offensive moment from last night’s oscars.

    The most offensive moment of last night’s 84th Academy Awards wasn’t J-Lo’s alleged nip slip or Jim Rash’s hilarious Angelina Jolie-inspired stage stance or even that we didn’t get to hear Bret McKenzie’s winning Muppets song, but came right after a beautiful hot mess of an acceptance speech. After Octavia Spencer fumbled her way through […]