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    On consuming and creating.

    In the words of Borat, “Wah wah wee wah.” If you know me, I only save Borat voice for very special occasions. Hi friends, readers, people who randomly Googled me and found this website. It’s been a minute. I would use that terribly Hollywood “I’m so buuuuuuusy” excuse to explain why I have been away lately, but, well, I have been, writing this and this and this and doing some other stuff (see below).

    When you’re hopping from one project and assignment to the next, it’s hard to find time to exhale. I have found that I have to actually schedule time to just think  — about future projects, pitches, ideas. And if you’re like me (someone who has to think about projects and pitches and ideas), you also have to be consuming similar content, whether it’s listening to the latest episode of a podcast or reading a longform article or binge-watching a TV show.

    You might be surprised to know this, but I watch a lot of TV, everything from the prestige stuff to the less so. I try to get in as many movies as I can and read pretty much everything I can get my eyeballs on. My iPhone Reading List is a mile long. And I’m genuinely a fan of what I do: I write, so that means I’m a fan of other writers. I chat up people about pop culture and sports because I (surprise surprise!) really love pop culture and sports. Throughout my career, I’ve met people who almost take pride in not consuming the content they are producing — the whole “Oh, I don’t even own a TV.” Well, then, why are you making it? If you can’t name your favorite TV show or talk about your favorite podcast, why do you want to be doing this? It’s like a stockbroker who doesn’t own any stocks because s/he thinks s/he’s too good for that. And who would trust that person?

    Thinking and consuming eventually leads to creating, producing and being generally inspired, which, at the end of the day, I would much rather be than stuck in auto-pilot and unexcited about the things to which I am devoting my time and energy.

    Celebratory Japanese KitKat taste-testing with Tim and Damian of OK Go.

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Damian Kulash and Timothy Nordwind of OK Go shortly after the release of their band’s video for the song, “Upside Down and Inside Out.” As you’ve probably already seen (oh, about 100 times),the band shot it in zero gravity in Russia, creating a mind-bending, borderline motion-sickness-inducing video art project that, in my humble opinion, surpasses anything they’ve done in the past.

    “You can’t really fake being inspired or, like, loving what you do,” said Kulash during our interview. The tricky part, of course, is getting paid for it. But when those two intersect, even if rarely, the results can be pretty out-of-this world.

    Below some of my latest celebrity interviews.


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