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    hathahaters and the hollywood likeability game.

    I recently guested on the 10 Reasons Why podcast, weighing in on ten reasons why people seem to “hate” Anne Hathaway. In the past few months, self-proclaimed Hathahaters have taken to the web (where else?) to express their disdain for the Oscar winner’s allegedly cloying personality and what has been interpreted as contrived humility. Also, people just love to hate. Just ask Taylor Swift.

    But in contrast to Hathaway and Swift are Hollywood’s, well, not sweethearts but perhaps its BFFs, including Jennifer Lawrence for her off-the-cuff candidness and Mila Kunis for breaking out of rote soundbites during the press tour forĀ Oz the Great and Powerful. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey doing pretty much anything. Women who are equal parts guy’s gal and woman’s woman, who won’t hesitate to name their favorite beer, don’t seem to take their “craft” too seriously or self-importantly, and probably wouldn’t refer to their work as a “craft” anyway.

    So, what are the aforementioned ladies getting right that others like Hathaway or Swift seem to be getting wrong? After all, the Hollywood likeability game is a tough one to win at, the grasp of its trophy always hung onto tenuously by the victor. The court of public opinion (and Tumblr blogs) can be vicious and fickle. And sometimes, a “win” isn’t even clear: Girls series creator and star Lena Dunham is as much revered for her work and writing, as she is attacked for going sans clothing on her show.

    What makes a female celebrity likeable and does it influence whether you buy an album, go check out her movie or DVR her TV show? Weigh in. Also, check me out guest hosting on the 10 Reasons Why show, video below. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here and follow on Twitter here.

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