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    another con, come and gone.

    I would totally try to valet this.

    Working on the (very) red carpet.

    With Dave Bautista and RZA.

    Another year, another Con has come and gone. This was my 4th year covering Comic-Con and I had the privilege of filing stories for Hollywood Dailies and co-hosting the Comic-Con 2012 Special, both on Reelz Channel. The Monday after this annual pop culture extravaganza is a designated “nerd hangover” day, since most journos, reporters and hosts I know are pretty much wiped and/or coming down with a convention center-air-induced case of what’s popularly known as “nerd flu.”

    But after the exhaustion wears off and I’ve consumed enough caffeine to get me back to neutral, year after year, I’m always energized by not just by the amount of coverage I’ve done but also the chance to be around fellow fans of pop culture, be it movies, TV shows, or books It gives me the chance to not only be a reporter and storyteller in entertainment news but also be a fan, whether it’s chatting up George R.R. Martin about his surprise over the success of Game of Thrones as a TV series, talking to the man behind Batman’s rides in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, or dressing up as Princess Leia.

    In my years of covering red carpets, press lines and various sundry things at the Con, the thing that always strikes me the most is how relaxed actors, directors, writers and other creatives who shape the zeitgeist are, as opposed to say when they’re back 2 hours north, in Hollywood. I attribute this partly to being outside of LA but also to the sheer energy from the fans themselves – the ones who will wait for days in front of Hall H, who will save up all year just to fly out to San Diego for a few days and catch glimpses of their favorite stars. For me, it re-contextualizes what I do, especially when I’m immersed with the eyes and ears of those who care about pop culture as much as I do and who are as passionate about those stories as I am.

    To see all of my nerding out at the Con this year, watch me co-hosting Reelz Channel‘s Comic-Con 2012 Special with Jeremy Parsons airing the times/dates below (they’re all in Eastern time, so DVR accordingly):

    Saturday, 7/21 9:30a ET, 6p ET, 7:30p ET
    Sunday, 7/22 9a ET, 6:30p ET
    Monday, 7/23 2:30a ET
    Tuesday, 7/24 7a ET
    Wednesday, 7/25 11a ET

    And here’s a sneak peek at some of our coverage…

    Iron Man 3 | Elysium | Total Recall | Kate Beckinsale | Matt Damon | Colin Farrell (I) | Robert Downey Jr. | Hollywood Dailies | Comic-Con 2012 | Movie Trailer | Review

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