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    review: ‘is everyone hanging out without me?’ by mindy kaling.

    There are some people in Hollywood whom you automatically feel are kindred spirits, like a spirit animal of sorts but, well, human. Ever since the Diwali episode of The Office, I’ve felt that way about writer/actor/comedienne – oh and SHOWRUNNER – Mindy Kaling. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to buy  – er, download – her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me? (And Other Concerns) when it came out at the beginning of the month. An easy, fun and intelligent read, it’s like your best friend let you read her unpublished blog entries one after another. I, of course, devoured it with a voraciousness I usually reserve for curly fries.

    The book is a compilation of comedic essays in which Kaling talks about her upbringing as an overachieving if awkward child of immigrants, her big fish rise in the small pond of Dartmouth’s theater community and her start as a writer in Hollywood. While it reads much like Tina Fey’s Bossypants, as a non-mom and Millennial working in Hollywood, I found it much more relatable. One of the more profound pieces of advice Kaling offers is encouraging anyone who wants to be a performer to write hisown role. It’s the only way she’s gotten anywhere, she claims. Indeed she’s parlayed a two-person act where she played (of all people) Ben Affleck into a full-on career.

    This, to me, is a really powerful message when thought of in a larger context, outside of just trying to carve out a career in Hollywood. For Millennials especially, there’s no longer a “right” or linear way to approach starting a career. It’s not that the days of the Organization Man are over; it’s that there’s no room for a young workforce in the Organization right now. So we have to innovate. Maybe we should take a cue from Kaling and write our own stories, create our own roles and make our own opportunities.

    For more Mindy Kaling, you can visit her website or follow her on twitter (2 things I highly recommend you do anyway!).

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    Time January 29, 2014 at 2:30 am

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