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    “human centipede 2” trailer sewn up, ready to go.

    Hopefully, you’ve already digested your lunch by now because my buddies at FEARnet just posted the latest teaser for Human Centipede 2, the sequel to filmmaker Tom Six’s gut-wrenching flick. In this one, the new villain is inspired to engage in some weird science (to say the least) after seeing the first film. Wrap your […]

    into the (death) valley.

    The bloody gem of my friend Spider One’s brain, “Death Valley,” made its cable debut on MTV last night and I’m beyond stoked for him and horror fans alike. I know that he’s been working SUPER hard on this for quite some time, and I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment/awesomeness he must be […]

    fear finds: bloody valentine’s day edition.

    I went shopping for Fear Finds, only on FEARnet, and here’s the loot we found. Procrastinators, I’m posting this ON V-Day just for you. You’re welcome.

    bts (behind-the-scenes): v-day, bloody v-day.

    Earlier this week, the FEARnet family and I criss-crossed L.A. to shoot another round of Fear Finds, FEARnet‘s gift guide. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we were on the hunt for the quirkiest gifts to bestow upon your bloody valentine – or valentines (plural), as the case may be. Hey, not judging; just acknowledging. What […]

    fear finds: wacko.

    I wrap up my FEARnet shopping spree at Hollywood’s Wacko. Larva candy makes great stocking stuffers – didn’t you know?

    fear finds: meltdown comics.

    I personally love the next store we visited for FEARnet Finds. It’s not just a comic book store but more like a warehouse full of geektastic paraphernalia; also, it’s the place I found this awesome piece. Sanrio Turducken AND The Walking Dead Compendium under one roof? Yes, please.

    fear finds: dapper cadaver.

    This episode of FEARnet Finds took us to Dapper Cadaver prop shop in Burbank. Incidentally, also where Eazy-E’s buried. Don’t believe me? Just watch the video. Which is on the internet, where everything is true.