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    Good or bad, “Fresh Off the Boat” is important

      When “Fresh Off the Boat” premieres tonight on ABC, it will be the first Asian-American family sitcom in 20 years. In 1994, “All-American Girl,” starring Margaret Cho, debuted on the same network and survived a singular season.  Since the show’s cancellation, Cho has been vocal about the network executives’ utter cluelessness and racial tone […]

    It’s time to change the conversation about race and the Oscars

    Early this morning, the 2015 Oscar nominations came out, revealing that Hollywood is still very much a monochromatic playground. Nods for Best Actor? All white. Best Actress? All white. Supporting Actress and Actor? White white white white white. Two exceptions in the major categories: a Best Picture nod for the Martin Luther King, Jr. drama, “Selma,” […]

    “Serial” and the dubious nature of everything

    Like millions of others, I devoured “This American Life’s” spinoff podcast “Serial,” which debuted last October and still holds a #1 spot on iTunes. And I mostly loved the part-true crime, part-reporter’s notebook series. Mostly. The show’s popularity has made it something of a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring memes, endless Reddit threads and even a spot-on “SNL” parody. […]

    Celebrate Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the #IAM Campaign and CAPE.

    The Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE) has launched the #IAm Campaign to support and celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. The campaign includes an original web series and mini-documentaries on notable Asians in entertainment including Steve Yeun, Harry Shum, Jr., Jessica Gomes, Bobby Lee and Kelly Hu (above). I have to admit, I’ve been […]

    So What if Silicon Valley Doesn’t Like “Silicon Valley”?

    Art imitates life and in HBO’s tech industry comedy Silicon Valley, gently pokes fun at it with a side of geek. And while the REAL Silicon Valley seems to be taking issue with Mike Judge’s latest creation, as a TV fan and as someone who’s worked in the Valley’s periphery, I thought the premiere episode […]

    ICYMI: I Bring Your Entertainment News Fix on E! News Now.

    Here are the latest stories I filed while on hosting duty at E! News Now. Enjoy!

    FOBs and other F-Words: An Oddly Insightful Episode of “Shahs of Sunset.”

    On a recent episode of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, the cast’s most colorful member Reza Farahan has several dramatic encounters with Sasha, a fellow Persian gay somewhat cluelessly ushered into Reza’s living room by Reza’s boyfriend. After an initial verbal scuffle over Reza suggesting Sasha – who recently immigrated to the U.S. from Iran – comes […]