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    WATCH: E3 Fun with Sky Williams, Part 2.

    Sky Williams and I get hands-on with Agents of Mayhem and Killing Floor 2.

    A mandate to laugh.

    The news has been heavy lately. So heavy. And it feels like it’s been non-stop: Since last Friday — when I heard about Christina Grimmie’s sudden passing — I have found myself intermittently tearing up at pieces of news trickling in, like the one about Luis Velma, a 22-year-old ride operator at the Wizarding World of […]

    WATCH me use The Force at the Target & “Star Wars” Galactic Experience

    What a busy couple of weeks! I nabbed my first byline in The Atlantic, interviewed a hybrid vampire/werewolf AND used The Force (yes, THAT Force; see below). It’s around this time of year when Hollywood, and the world, shuts down. I personally start thinking about the year that has passed and the year ahead; I’m really […]

    [watch] Ben McKenzie chats “Gotham” with me, takes an economics quiz.

    He’s currently starring as a young Commissioner Gordon (actually Detective Gordon) on Fox’s Gotham – and he’s pretty smart, too. Ben McKenzie chats with me about slamming into walls on-set, losing Gordon’s ‘stache, and how he went from getting a degree in foreign relations and economics to playing one of the most iconic roles in […]

    An Update.

    Yikes, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated! So, what have I been up to lately? Well, for one, drinking coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Since LA has often been accused of not having real seasons, the only way we can tell it’s fall is when Starbucks starts offering the Pumpkin Spice Latte again. I have […]

    So What if Silicon Valley Doesn’t Like “Silicon Valley”?

    Art imitates life and in HBO’s tech industry comedy Silicon Valley, gently pokes fun at it with a side of geek. And while the REAL Silicon Valley seems to be taking issue with Mike Judge’s latest creation, as a TV fan and as someone who’s worked in the Valley’s periphery, I thought the premiere episode […]

    [watch] A New “Orphan Black” S2 Teaser is Out.

    BBC America’s rolling out the sneak peeks of Orphan Black season 2 in anticipation of the sci-fi show’s upcoming April 19 premiere. Below, TV’s most existentially-challenged actress Tatiana Maslany dons her soccer mom duds as clone Alison, who demonstrates characteristically Alisononian behavior by donning a whistle AND using pepper spray. The anticipation is building!