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    WATCH me go shoplifting with the stars of NBC’s upcoming sitcom “Superstore.”

    One of the funniest and most impressive sets I’ve been on as of late! I shoplift, er, shop with the cast of NBC’s mid-season sitcom “Superstore” for Young Hollywood. Check out the video below.

    [WATCH] A Moving Short Film About a Former BBC Journo Who Ended Up Broke and Homeless.

    I’m always impressed by The Atlantic’s Video section and stumbled upon this interesting gem this morning. Ed Mitchell was a BBC financial reporter making an enviable salary when, in events that aren’t fully fleshed out in this short film, he lost everything and ended up homeless on a park bench. The under-5-minute short is a […]

    behind the scenes vlog: getting ready for the red carpet.

    It’s unbeweaveable! I take you behind the weave/hairspray/make-up magic required to get me ready for covering the red carpet premiere of  Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds. Don’t be scurred; it’s just me without makeup. Actually, DO be scared.

    “broderick. broderick.”

    This video might be the definition of “huh?-larious.” I know no one seems to know what to make of this or how to feel about it, so I figured I should just post it so you can make your own call, Audroids. I DO appreciate the part where Matthew Broderick stumbles upon the Chinese New […]

    the comic-con you didn’t see (via fearnet)

    via FEARnet.

    superhappyfuntimes from comic-con 2010.

    Outtakes + candid moments captured by me, with a cameo by Powerman 5000’s Spider. Superhappyfuntimes.

    audrey & a dude: comic-con edition.

    Fresh from the convention hall, this episode features FEARnet production assistant, Matt. audrey & a dude: comic-con 2010 edition. from Audrey Cleo on Vimeo.