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    CHECK IT OUT! “Dani Burt: Make it Possible” on NBC News Asian America

    I’m very excited to share that the 5-minute documentary short I executive produced and edited was picked up by NBC News and is now live across the network’s digital channels! I was lucky to meet Danielle Burt last year when I covered the ISA Adaptive Surfing Championships, where she was one of only a few women […]

    Hello, 2016! Here’s my latest.

    Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the weather (El Nino, what’s up?), but I find that I don’t tackle the beginnings of the year anymore as much as I just ease into them. And helping me do that in 2016 are my latest segments for Young Hollywood and byline for espnW, the latter of which I […]

    Meet Kanya Sesser + Details about my latest project.

    Kanya Sesser, 22, was born without legs, taken in by monks when she was abandoned as a newborn at a Buddhist temple in her country, Thailand, and adopted by American parents at age 7. She lives her motto “No legs, no limits” through everything she does, especially as an athlete. A model, part-time community college […]


    Happy new year, readers! I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions. Too much pressure – just look at my gym by January 20th! (It’s empty by then, if you didn’t get the joke.) But if I were to make a few this year, I would resolve to write more, read more, surf more and […]

    120 Hours on the North Shore

    Had to delay posting this until this morning. Enjoy. *** I’m writing this from my gate at the Montreal airport where I’m waiting on a flight back to LA, delayed most likely due to weather. It’s cold here for a California girl – like, snow-blanketing-tree-branches cold. Like I-bought-snow-boots-for-the-first-time cold (and thank God I did!). My blood’s […]


    Above: The official trailer for “Surfwise” (2007).  Last Monday, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, the patriarch of the so-called “First Family of Surfing,” died in Newport Beach, Ca. due to complications from a femur injury. He was 93. In the pantheon of quirky characters in surfing, surely Doc earned his place. A Stanford-trained doctor, he gave up a […]

    Is it possible to have a strategy in fantasy surfing?

    Above video: Highlights from the Moche Rip Curl Pro 2014 in Portugal, where top seeds Gabriel Medina and Kelly Slater were knocked out in Round 3 by Brett Simpson and Aritz Aranburu respectively. Neither Simpson nor Aranburu are in the top 10 of the ASP WCT rankings. Playing fantasy sports is a bit like eating kale: hey, don’t knock […]