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    120 Hours on the North Shore

    Had to delay posting this until this morning. Enjoy. *** I’m writing this from my gate at the Montreal airport where I’m waiting on a flight back to LA, delayed most likely due to weather. It’s cold here for a California girl – like, snow-blanketing-tree-branches cold. Like I-bought-snow-boots-for-the-first-time cold (and thank God I did!). My blood’s […]

    Janay Rice breaks her silence

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Ray Rice might not be a Baltimore Raven anymore, but he is allowed to play in the NFL once again after an arbitrator ruled Roger Goodell’s indefinite suspension of the running back an abuse of discretion. “Abuse.” It’s a word that put Rice in […]

    Dancercising… into the Olympics?

    Above: A recent sketch from Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele” featuring some sweet dancercising, outfits. Last week’s episode of “Key & Peele” featured a strangely dark – yet still hilarious – skit about a fake 1980s era dance aerobics competition gone terribly wrong. The whole spectacle – shot brilliantly in homage to the aerobic dance movement that hit a […]


    Above: The official trailer for “Surfwise” (2007).  Last Monday, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, the patriarch of the so-called “First Family of Surfing,” died in Newport Beach, Ca. due to complications from a femur injury. He was 93. In the pantheon of quirky characters in surfing, surely Doc earned his place. A Stanford-trained doctor, he gave up a […]

    Sunday Night Futbol

    Above: Kelly and I take a break from eating stadium food and doing insightful commentary to take a selfie. What do two overworked graduate fellows do on a Sunday night to turn off their brains? Go to a soccer game! At least that’s what my colleague, Kelly, and I did by nabbing last-minute tickets to […]

    Am I cut out for CrossFit? Probably not and here’s why

    A previous version of this blog post erroneously suggested that “The OC Throwdown” is a CrossFit-sanctioned event and pre-cursor to the CrossFit Games. It is not a CrossFit-sanctioned event. However, outlets including ESPN describe Ogar’s injury as the result of training for the CrossFit Games. Above video: A clip from HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” season 1 that […]

    Is it possible to have a strategy in fantasy surfing?

    Above video: Highlights from the Moche Rip Curl Pro 2014 in Portugal, where top seeds Gabriel Medina and Kelly Slater were knocked out in Round 3 by Brett Simpson and Aritz Aranburu respectively. Neither Simpson nor Aranburu are in the top 10 of the ASP WCT rankings. Playing fantasy sports is a bit like eating kale: hey, don’t knock […]