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    CotW: rep. anh "joseph" cao of louisiana.

    I’m finally resurrecting CotW and this week’s crush is Representative Anh “Joseph” Cao (pronounced “Gow”), the freshman Republican representative from Louisiana. Crushable why? Because he broke ranks with his political party to vote in favor of the Democratic health care legislation — a refreshing move in the world of divisive partisan politics. Educated by Jesuits […]

    happy links friday: SUPERSIZED EDITION.

    The economy might be down, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be “up” — why? Because it’s Friday! And since I wasn’t able to post one up last week, here it is with extra cheese and special sauce. To catch a predator, FB-style — Although there’s been an uproar this week over Facebook’s TOS […]

    will shutting down newspaper websites save newspapers?

    There’s been a call to shut down the website of every daily newspaper in the U.S., in association with the Associated Press, for a week. Independence Day is the proposed start date of this temporary “dark” period, the date picked in an effort to stress print media’s founding role in American democracy and emphasize to […]

    boobs aren't recession-proof.

    In an effort to nab a piece of the government bailout pie, Hustler’s Larry Flynt said it’s Congress responsibility to dish out $5 billion smackers to “rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America.” Blackmail victim and creator of the series that keeps every mother with a freshman daughter in college awake at 2 AM on a […]

    equal between the partitions.

    Tomorrow, the world holds its collective breath for the election of the next president of the United States of America. And when it’s all over, we’ll exhale in relief — or anxiety. Never before has so much been laid on the political line at a juncture where our world couldn’t be more interconnected politically, socioeconomically, […]

    72 hours away.

    Election ’08 in 2:30 minutes. I especially appreciate the 24-esque countdown beeps at the end.

    $150,000. So what?

    Last week, news broke that the GOP spent more than $150,000 on VP nom Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. Sartorially-prepping the Alaska governor for selling herself as an everyday American, so it seems, meant dropping $150 G’s on designer labels bought at Saks Fifth Avenue, among other places. So, what’s the big deal?  As someone who also […]