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    WATCH my latest on Access Hollywood Live.

    I’ve been guesting on Access Hollywood Live this week with the incomparable George Lopez and Kit Hoover at the hosting helm! See me weigh in on Kim Kardashian putting Taylor Swift on blast (all in the name of Kanye) and on Donald Trump’s and Mike Pence’s interview on “60 Minutes.”

    “Celebrity Damage Control: Arnold Schwarzenegger” airs this week on Reelz!

    Catch me weighing in on the governator’s ascent as an Austrian body-builder to the world’s most famous action star – and his descent after a personal scandal on “Celebrity Damage Control: Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Wednesday, March 11, 9 p.m. EST/ 6 p.m. PST. And in case you missed last week’s episodes, here’s the trailer I was featured in […]

    happy links friday.

    Dine LA is here. And the list of participating restaurants is both overwhelming and droolworthy. You best believe that I will be tuning in. Much to the chagrin of my Persian-American friends, I am stoked beyond embarrassment for Shahs of Sunset, the new Bravo/Ryan Seacrest-produced docuseries. Click to watch 2 minutes before the series debuts […]

    review: ‘is everyone hanging out without me?’ by mindy kaling.

    There are some people in Hollywood whom you automatically feel are kindred spirits, like a spirit animal of sorts but, well, human. Ever since the Diwali episode of The Office, I’ve felt that way about writer/actor/comedienne – oh and SHOWRUNNER – Mindy Kaling. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to buy  – er, download – her book, […]


    The Occupy Wall Street protests have been going on for a month or so now, growing from a relatively small band of protestors in NYC’s Zuccotti Park into demonstrations worldwide. While the list of demands, or lack thereof, remains varied and somewhat vague, a common theme has emerged: anger and frustration born out of the […]

    the revolution will be RT’d.

    The civil unrest in Egypt has put social media squarely in the spotlight as a means of organizing a political revolution. Twitter, Facebook and the web in general had been communication and organization hubs for protesters until the Egyptian government shut down Internet and cellular phone access last Friday. Mobile phone networks will continue to […]

    letters from afghanistan.

    No, I’m not in Afghanistan, but my friend C. is a reporter embedded with the troops over there right now. When the Internet connection isn’t horrendous, C. occasionally sends emails about his “adventures” (or misadventures, as they may be) from his posts in Kabul and Kandahar. It’s hard to not get a heaping helpful of […]