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    Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty.

    I would like to think that I don’t adhere to most of the stereotypes about Asian-American women (keyword: most), except when it comes to that undeniably kawaii mouthless creature named Hello Kitty. I love her; I’m convinced it’s in my DNA to buy totally ridiculous things for no other reason than because her likeness is emblazoned on […]

    Fire Up the DVR! “Celebrity Damage Control” Episodes f/ Yours Truly Coming Your Way.

    Set phasers to [REC]! I will be featured on Celebrity Damage Control, airing on Reelz Channel, dishing my entertainment news expertise on how some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs endured (and recovered?) from some of their biggest scandals. Check me out on the following episodes/dates, by which time I will hopefully have licked clean all of […]

    Baby Blue.

    Tonight AMC’s Breaking Bad ended its run and so concluded the story of a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher’s dark descent into meth-driven antihero-dom. As a BB fan, I’ve been breathless most of this season leading up to the finale: breathless because this last leg of Walter White’s journey — and that of his family […]

    Why I Loved “The Bling Ring.”

    In The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola uses her signature visual flourishes coupled with banging soundtrack to explore the trappings of youth ennui, suburbia and celebrity culture, a.k.a. the toxic trifecta that seems to have fueled the actual Bling Ring (a group of wealthy West Valley teenagers) to pillage celebrity homes for pricey handbags and designer […]

    oscars 2013: the good, the best, the rest.

    They laughed, they cried, they got really uncomfortable about Ted’s jokes. Last night’s Oscars ceremony was, perhaps, one of the more memorable ones in recent years and Seth MacFarlane surely one of the most polarizing hosts to take the stage. Here’s the thing about being the Oscars host: it’s not a job you can ever […]

    hot zombie talk with the stars of “warm bodies.”

    It might be a little too early in 2013 to call Warm Bodies one of my favorite movies of the year. Then again, maybe not – I have a feeling this latest supernatural offering by Summit and film-helmer Jonathan Levine will be topping many a Best Of list come year’s end. I would summarize the […]

    who’s the best bond?

    Bond fans weigh in on the best 007 ever. Hollywood Dailies | Skyfall | Daniel Craig (I) | Pierce Brosnan | George Lazenby | Sean Connery | Timothy Dalton | Roger Moore | Movie Trailer | Review