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    [WATCH] I Crash the Set of “The Millers”; Will Arnett Throws Shade at Brian Williams.

    I recently visited the set of CBS’s sitcom The Millers which stars Will Arnett as a divorced local news reporter whose family puts the “fun” in “dysfunctional.” Watch as Will puts his reporter skills to the test, and co-stars Jayma Mays and Nelson Franklin take me inside their TV home!



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    So What if Silicon Valley Doesn’t Like “Silicon Valley”?

    The cast of HBO’s Silicon Valley.

    Art imitates life and in HBO’s tech industry comedy Silicon Valley, gently pokes fun at it with a side of geek. And while the REAL Silicon Valley seems to be taking issue with Mike Judge’s latest creation, as a TV fan and as someone who’s worked in the Valley’s periphery, I thought the premiere episode was hilarious, pointed, and surprisingly sweet.

    So, what’s everyone’s problem? Tech insiders/detractors are claiming it isn’t an accurate portrayal of the day-to-day goings-on of the Valley, with tycoon Elon Musk throwing in a comparison to Burning Man to boot (wait, what?). Others claim it’s shallow in its renderings of the awkward geek, brogrammer and self-righteous entrepreneur. To which I ask, at what point did these guys and gals forget they were watching a television show?

    Sure, the broad strokes and caricatures in Judge’s universe aren’t exactly accurate; neither is Daenerys Targaryan petting her dragons. But against a backdrop of fancy pads, molecular gastronomy ($200 liquid shrimp!), anti-college evangelists, and eco-friendly vehicles so lilliputian in size they make clown cars look like Hummers, is an entertaining show with a diverse cast and an off-beat script. If the joke about Silicon Valley being a myopic, self-important, jargon-ridden bubble intent on “disrupting” everything is lost on its inhabitants, then bravo – Judge’s job is done. I disagree that the show is “Entourage with Asperger’s” or “Girls meets geeks.” Those are catchy, buzzy descriptors that don’t really do the show justice or at least what we’ve seen of it so far. Indeed, Silicon Valley lacks the undercurrent of tone deaf self-importance in the main characters that’s so achingly prevalent in both of the aforementioned shows (the Peter Gregory and Gavin Belson characters notwithstanding). Rather, from what I saw in the premiere, it’s clever, funny and appealing to more than just geeks. Isn’t that the kind of product everyone in Silicon Valley wants to hit it big with anyway?

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    [watch] ICYMI: Audrey Dished the Inside Scoop with Wendy Williams!

    Miss my appearance on The Wendy Williams Show last month? Check it out below.

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    [watch] Sitting Down with the Stars of “Divergent.”

    Divergent is the first installment of a planned YA action trilogy and features a strong female lead; a strong female lead who goes from wearing drabby clothes to more action hero-friendly attire; classism; and attractive guys running in extra-medium sized tees. So, you’re probably thinking, Hunger Games-lite? Maybe (but no); the comparisons are, after all, inevitable. Divergent centers on Tris (Shailene Woodley), a teenager living in a fenced-in, post-war Chicago in the near future where individuals are divided into various factions based on human virtues. Tris, however, is a “divergent” or someone who doesn’t fit into just one group. Together with her mysterious new friend Four, she uncovers a sinister plan to bring down divergents and the entire faction system. I recently sat down with the stars of the big-screen actioner for ComingSoon. Divergent hits theaters 3/21.

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    [WATCH] Vintage Shopping at Catwalk Vintage with Ariana & The Rose.

    Vintage shopping is like treasure hunting armed with your wallet. I did a little bit of that with Ariana of Ariana & The Rose at Catwalk Vintage in LA.

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    [watch] A New “Orphan Black” S2 Teaser is Out.

    BBC America’s rolling out the sneak peeks of Orphan Black season 2 in anticipation of the sci-fi show’s upcoming April 19 premiere. Below, TV’s most existentially-challenged actress Tatiana Maslany dons her soccer mom duds as clone Alison, who demonstrates characteristically Alisononian behavior by donning a whistle AND using pepper spray. The anticipation is building!

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    [watch] Wendy Williams Gives Me Shoutout #2 on Her After Show.

    As a token of my appreciation for having me on her show last week, I sent Wendy Williams a little something to say “thank you.” See her reaction on the Wendy After Show @ 6:52 below!

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