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    [WATCH] John Legend’s New Music Video Made Me Uglycry.

    One of my favorite pop culture finds from the past week has to be John Legend’s music video for his new ballad, “You & I (Nobody In the World).” I daresay the era of the music video is more or less over. With the exception of pretty much anything OK Go puts out, videos are perfunctory now, the obligatory companions to singles rather than the wave-making visual touchstones they were ten years ago. The ones that do get the most buzz tend to be (shocker) the most shocking or perverse. So, how refreshing that Legend’s video, featuring his model/wife Chrissy Teigen and transgender Emmy nominee Laverne Cox among a slew of real women young and old, is shockingly moving instead of shocking and boring! See if you can make it to the 3:11 mark without tearing up just a little.

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    Have You Checked Out Geekista Style?

    If you think the life of an on-air reporter/host is all fake lashes and clip-in extensions applied by a pro with aplomb, you would be only partially right. More often than not (and my fellow reporters can attest to this), I have been charged with taking care of my own hair, make-up and styling, usually with my own money! So while has always been a hub for my musings on pop culture and for sharing my latest projects, it isn’t the most appropriate place for me to share the beauty and styling tips I’ve learned along the way.

    This is why I started blogging over at my tumblr, Geekista Style. Click on over for self-taught, learned-along-the-way beauty and styling tips for every chick on a budget; honest product reviews; and insight into what’s inspiring me right now. Or if you just like pictures… pretty pretty pictures.

    Surf & sand inspo at Geekista Style.


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    Fire Up the DVR! “Celebrity Damage Control” Episodes f/ Yours Truly Coming Your Way.

    Set phasers to [REC]! I will be featured on Celebrity Damage Control, airing on Reelz Channel, dishing my entertainment news expertise on how some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs endured (and recovered?) from some of their biggest scandals.

    Check me out on the following episodes/dates, by which time I will hopefully have licked clean all of the wounds left by today’s Brazil vs. Germany game (seriously, 7-1!?). More episodes to come.

    Sean Penn – Thursday, 7/31 at 10pm ET/PT

    Michael Vick – Thursday, 8/7 at 10pm ET/PT

    Keith RichardsThursday, 8/14 at 10pm ET/PT

    Tiger Woods – Thursday, 8/21 at 10pm ET/PT

    Rob Lowe – Thursday, 8/28 at 10pm ET/PT




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    Why I’m Ready to Be Disappointed by HBO’s “The Leftovers.”

    What I hope I’m not doing after a few episodes of HBO’s “The Leftovers.” Source.

    I remember it like it was last night – when the residents (unintended squatters?) of the mysterious, time-bending tropical island sat in church pews and looked straight ahead, forward into the white light, thus wrapping up seven seasons of an epic sci-fi drama with a sloppily-tied bow. Actually, make that a taped-on bow, one you just peel the adhesive off of and slap on. It felt cheap, a little lazy even.

    For certain Losties, myself included, the series finale proved to be an epic fail, with nary an explanation for the DHARMA Initiative, the number pattern or why they all ended up there in the first place – like, the actual why, not just existential conjecture. Enraged and upset, I buried my feelings in a second DHARMA cupcake – specially ordered for the occasion – and raged some more. As the show’s last season unfolded, I had already developed a healthy distrust of the writers’ abilities to answer every question by series end but had hoped my skepticism would be assuaged with a heaping helping of plot twists that would, ultimately, yield some answers. No dice.

    Call it the Lost Syndrome. Since that show’s end, I have learned to budget my emotional investment into shows I find initially interesting. Or maybe it’s the Lindelof Effect? Damon Lindelof co-created Lost (love-hate), produced both of the latest Star Trek films (love), and wrote Prometheus (ugh). This is why I’m treading lightly with The Leftovers. The dreary new drama, based on a book by Tom Perrotta, takes place three years after a worldwide event known as the Sudden Departure, where two percent of Earth’s human population disappeared with no explanation. Among the notables who are no longer: Anthony Bourdain and Gary Busey. We observe the aftermath as flies-on-the-wall of one family living in Anytown, USA a.k.a. the fictional town of Mapleton. The Garveys’ unraveling from the event has resulted in a matriarch who’s joined a cult (Amy Brenneman), an angry police officer/father (Justin Theroux) and their children, a reckless teenager and adolescent son. Along for the ride is Meg (Liv Tyler) who, by pilot’s end, is recruited into the Guilty Remnant cult.

    Emotionally lightweight, it is not, at least not from what can be gleaned from the pilot. The storytelling will look familiar to faithful Losties: There’s no shortage of jarring flashbacks and “WTF?” moments. The characters’ individual self-destructions are interesting and painful, particularly that of teenager Jill who manifests her angst by introducing her field hockey stick to her teammates’ faces and engaging in a more – way more – risque version of Spin the Bottle at house parties. Everyone is in pain, everyone is grieving, everyone is having an existential crisis, everyone is trying to figure out what to do in the aftermath of this one inexplicable, possibly supernatural event.  In other words, everyone is where everyone in Lost was when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the island.

    All of this, coupled with the fact there was a huge dearth of humor in the entire episode (I don’t need a flatulence joke but SOMETHING to cut the cheese tension with would have been nice), makes me nervous. Is Lost history about to repeat itself, and should I get out now before the island starts spinning? I will say this: I’m intrigued. But that intrigue will quickly descend into exasperation if more fuzzy existential questions are posed than answers. Beautiful stories deserve beautiful endings, but maybe more importantly, they deserve beautiful end games. I’m curious to see how The Leftovers plays out.

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    [WATCH] Touring the Set of ABC Family’s “The Fosters.”

    I visited the season two set of ABC Family’s hit show “The Fosters,” where stars Maia Mitchell and David Lambert were gracious enough to take me around their TV home away from home and brew me some tea from crafty! I also felt the wrath of their TV mom Teri Polo who crashed our interview. Watch.




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    How the World Cup Taught Me to (Almost) Love the Treadmill.

    Chile vs. Spain and how I learned to love the treadmill. Source.

    There are two things I hate doing at the gym: running and pull-ups. Actually, scratch that second one; I don’t even try to do pull-ups. For someone who tweets about being at the gym so much, I have a love-hate relationship with the joint. No matter what state my personal budget is in, I have always shelled out for a membership partly out of obligation (ahem, health) and partly because when I’m not on a set work schedule, getting my behind to work my behind is a good way to break out of a less-healthy routine of marathon Netflix-ing and eating Subway. At the very least, it gets me out of the house. Throughout my many memberships and periodic runs with personal trainers, I’ve learned that – kind of like DIY projects – working out solo isn’t really my thing. Will I alone push myself to do that extra push-up? One more set of bicep curls? Probably not. But will I do it if someone is berating me into it as a dub-step remix of a John Legend song blares in the background at volumes that will surely cause some hearing damage? YES. Armed with this knowledge about myself, then, I’ve traded solo sweat sessions for trying out catchy-sounding group fitness classes that fit into my ever-changing schedule. Cardio McStripper Abs? Sign me up! Along the way, I’ve discovered my love of dance, Pilates and barre; a healthy distaste for the treadmill; and that when the surf is the opposite of up, there are actually other fun ways to exercise that, thankfully, don’t include running (!).

    Did I mention I hate running? Well, I hate running. Like, “I-will-Facebook-block-your-stupid-Nike-run-app-posts”-levels of disdain – I don’t even have to be doing the running to hate on it. But like the rest of the world, I’ve been mesmerized by the World Cup games lately. And in many gyms, prime real estate for footie viewing happens to be from behind the cold (and sometimes slightly sweaty), button-filled console of a treadmill. My gym is even running (no pun intended) a “90 Minute Challenge” challenging treadmill junkies to run a full 1.5 hours, or entire length of a match, while watching their teams play. That won’t be happening any time soon, but what I did discover while watching Chile trounce previous Cup champs Spain today is that hitting the treadmill is a great excuse for keeping a prime World Cup viewing spot! My 30-minute “run” (really a power walk) turned into over an hour which even included a few minutes of actual, legitimate sprinting. The question now is will I keep this up past World Cup mania? Or will my treadmill tryst end when the chiseled soccer pros in HD have left the field-slash-my-eye-line?

    Below video: “The Treadmill Body” by Equinox. Watching it makes me equal parts tired and inspired!

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    Celebrate Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the #IAM Campaign and CAPE.

    The Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE) has launched the #IAm Campaign to support and celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. The campaign includes an original web series and mini-documentaries on notable Asians in entertainment including Steve Yeun, Harry Shum, Jr., Jessica Gomes, Bobby Lee and Kelly Hu (above). I have to admit, I’ve been obsessively watching all morning!

    According to CAPE, less than 3% of television faces are Asian-American Pacific Islander. It’s not a statistic lost on me when I still get emails forwarded to me by my agent saying that a network does not want to see me because they already have an “ethnic person” on their roster. I hope that #IAm inspires fellow AAPIs to create and pursue their passions as well as sparks a larger conversation (and action!) about Asian-American visibility in the media.

    Watch more videos on CAPE’s YouTube Channel.

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